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Physical Plant Conditions
The physical plants of Adventist local churches may not be quite up to par with the average religious physical plant across America. Adventist pastors are more likely to report that their church buildings need improvement than are other religious leaders. They also are less likely to say their physical plant is in "excellent" condition.

One in four Adventist churches (25%) needs improvement as compared to just 16% of local congregations of all faiths in America. Only 24% of Adventist churches are reported to be in excellent condition as compared to nearly a third of local buildings of all religions. The larger number of Adventist pastors (just over 45%) report that their church building is in "good" (not "excellent") condition, not a statistically significant difference from the 43% of congregational leaders of all faiths.

Overall, seven in ten Adventist pastors seem to be content with the physical condition of the church, while nearly a third see the need for improvements or repairs. This is just marginally more needy than the 75% of all religious congregation leaders who find their buildings in good or excellent condition.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would we describe the condition of our physical plant: excellent, good, needs improvement, or seriously in need of repair?

2. How does the condition of our physical plant affect our ministry in this community?

3. Is our church budgeting too little for physical plant upkeep and improvements?

3. Do we have a long-range plan for physical plant maintenance, renewal or expansion?

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