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Parking Space
The number of parking spaces and access to them can affect worship attendance. Adventist churches are somewhat more likely than local groups of other faiths to report that they have more parking than they need. The differences, however, are marginal.

About 60% of the Adventist churches in the U.S. say that they have more parking than needed or just about the right amount. This compares to about 55% of all other faiths. When asked about having less parking than needed, 45% of other faiths are more likely than Adventists to say their parking situation is less than they need. About 38% of Adventist churches think they need more parking.

Discussion Questions:

1. Does our congregation need much less parking, somewhat less, have just about the right amount, need somewhat more, or need much more?

2. How does the amount of parking at our church compare to the amount of our worship and fellowship space?

3. How is our congregation affected by access to (or lack of) parking?

4. What are alternative options for parking?

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