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Research Publications

In this section are posted research publications written by the Adventist team, including Roger Dudley, director of the Institute of Church Ministry at Andrews University, and Monte Sahlin, vice president of the Columbia Union Conference and board chair for the Center for Creative Ministry. The findings in this section are early documents providing analysis of some of the information from this study.

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Characteristics of Healthy Congregations: A First Look at Adventist Faith Community Today Data(76K) This brief paper looks at selected items that touch on congregational worship, identity, and outreach.

Healthy Congregations in Community Context (84K) This paper attempts to explore correlations between healthy, growing congregations and the community context in which those congregations are located.

Evangelism, Preaching, Social Justice and Community Outreach (78K) This paper will highlight findings in the areas of Evangelism, Sermon Topics, Social Justice, and Community Outreach.

Appendix - United States Congregational Life Survey (1.0M) The data displayed in this appendix compares the total Adventist sample to the national random sample in the following areas:

Building Spiritual Connections
Building Inside Connections
Building Outside Connections
Building Identity Connections

Powerpoint Presentations

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Postmodernism (280K) Can the Adventist Message be proclaimed only within the Traditional mindset?

Current Issues & Trends in Youth Ministry (300K) Is the church connecting with new generations?

Growing Seventh-day Adventist Congregations in the U.S. Congregational Life Study (74K) This paper looks at which items (in areas including community involvement, social services, spiritual growth, political and theological orientation, and life-style standards) tend to predict congregational growth or decline.