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Attendance of Children and Teens
Adventist congregations in the U.S. generally have significantly fewer teenagers and children than do other religious groups. More than four out of five have fewer than 50 children and teenagers in attendance on a typical Sabbath.

The smaller number of teens and children in Adventist congregations is, in part, due to the larger percentage of small churches in the Adventist denomination compared to other faiths. It may also be related to Adventist demographics. Other research has shown that Adventists in the U.S. have more older people and fewer young people than the age spread of the general population.

Studies have shown that most Adventist congregations have failed to significantly engage with new generations. Immigrant churches have a larger number of young adults largely due to the fact that immigrants tend to be younger people, but Adventist congregations made up primarily of native-born whites or African Americans are increasingly dominated by "empty nest" couples and senior citizens.

Discussion Questions:

1. How many people under 18 years of age attend our church on a typical Sabbath? How does that compare to nearby churches of other denominations?

2. How can our church attract more new members in their 30s, especially young couples with children or about to begin families?

3. How "family friendly" or "child friendly" is our church?

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