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Prayer Ministries
Nearly two-thirds of Adventist churches have a prayer meeting or a small group devoted to prayer ministry that meets each week throughout the entire year. This is significantly different than the norm in America where a majority of local religious groups either have no regular group devoted to prayer or meditation, or have it only occasionally or during a season of the year.

This is one of the strengths of the Adventist Church in North America. Prayer meeting is still a strong tradition for most congregations, although, according to other surveys, the majority of the members never attend. And in the last decade a variety of prayer ministries have blossomed in the North American Division, including prayer walking, prayer networking, "concerts of prayer," all-night prayer meetings, and prayer groups that meet during the noon hour and other, non-traditional times and locations. (See Trends, Attitudes & Opinions book at our online store)

Discussion Questions:

1. Does our congregation have prayer meeting or some kind of prayer ministry, on-going throughout the year, during a season of the year, only occasionally, or not at all?

2. What percentage of our active, adult members attends prayer meeting or a prayer group or some kind of prayer ministry?

3. What role does prayer play in our church life?

4. How might we strengthen our prayer ministries and involved more members?

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