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Spiritual Retreats
The spiritual retreat is a method of outreach and ministry that is largely unused by Seventh-day Adventist churches in the U.S. The majority of local churches report that they never conduct spiritual retreats, and the same is true for many other religious groups in America.

The Adventist congregations that do conduct spiritual retreats do so occasionally, with only 2% of pastors reporting that their church has spiritual retreats several times throughout the year. Yet a growing number of pastors report that this is a very effective tool both for evangelism and nurture, especially among the very demographic segments that the Adventist Church finds most difficult to reach and hold--educated, affluent, established adults from the Baby Boomer generation and more recent generations.

The weekend retreat among Adventists has become known as either a training event for local church leaders or a social event for a congregation. The idea of a spiritual retreat where people focus on a closer relationship with God, deepening their spirituality and religious knowledge, and experiencing Christian fellowship is largely unexplored, although there are a few, successful models developed by Adventist pastors.

Discussion Questions:

1. When is the last time our local church had a spiritual retreat? Was it designed to nurture our members or for outreach to non-members?

2. Are there people in our congregation and/or in our community who could best be reached and/or discipled through spiritual retreats?

3. Is our church willing try a spiritual retreat and see if it works well for us?

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