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Adventist churches are half as likely as other local religious groups to have a choir as a regular part of worship. One in five Adventist congregations (19%) has a choir throughout the year, while 41% of local congregations of all faiths do so. Adventist churches are twice as likely to have a choir only occasionally, while the majority of Adventist congregations simply have no choir at all.


Adventist faith tends to be more content focused expressed primarily by the written or spoken word. So it is not surprising that our aesthetic elements of worship may not be as strong as some other denominations. This is very likely a weakness as the Church seeks to reach, win and hold new generations of Americans for whom music is an increasingly important aspect of spirituality.

Discussion Questions:

1. Has our congregation ever had a choir or choirs? Was it/is it a part of worship every Sabbath throughout the year or just during a part of the year or only occasionally?

2. Would a choir work for us? If yes, what would it take to start one?

3. How important is music ministry for our congregation?

4. What could be done to improve our music ministry? What would make it more effective in reaching out to newcomers attending worship

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