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Music, Art and Drama
Only one in ten Adventist churches has an ongoing performing arts ministry throughout the year. This includes music, art and/or drama activities other than a choir or choirs. About two in five (22%) have an activity of this type at least once a year or on a seasonal schedule.

Adventist congregations are less likely to have a year-round performing arts ministry than are other religious groups, but they are somewhat more likely to do so on a seasonal or occasional basis. More and more Adventist churches are discovering that concerts can be effective outreach events, regardless of the style of music.

Discussion Questions:

1. When was the last time our congregation had a music, art, or drama event other than a choir?

2. Are there significant numbers of our members who have an interest in music performance, drama or creating and displaying art? What about our inactive or younger members?

3. Would a performing arts event or ministry sponsored or co-sponsored by the church reach out to people in our community?

4. What steps should we consider in starting a performing arts ministry?

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