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Overall Findings
From this page you can find the general percentages for the responses to most of the questions in the FACT Adventist data set.

To find a question or series of questions, look over the index below.

Click on a topic to view the questions it contains. Move down through the tables looking for the question you want. To view these documents you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have the program, you can download Acrobat Reader for free.

1. Church Life

Congregational Identity [Questions I-1-A through I-1-R]
Worship [Questions I-2-A through I-7]
Authority and Focus [Questions I-8-A through I-10]

2. Location and Facilities

History and Location [Question II-1 through II-4-B]
Physical Plant [Question II-5-A through II-7

3. Outreach and Programs

4. Church Leadership

Volunteers [Question IV-1]
Pastor(s) [Question IV-2-A through IV-6]
Interfaith Relations [Question IV-7-A through IV-7-D]
Conflict [Question IV-8-A through IV-8-I]
Resource Materials [Question IV-9]
Church Standards [Question IV-10]
Communication [Question IV-11 through IV-12-G]

5. Statistics

Participation [Question V-1 through V-3]
Demographics [Question V-4 through V-5-P]
Involvement [Question V-6 through V-7]
Membership [Question V-8]

6. Finances

Giving and Budget [Question VI-1 through VI-5]
Stewardship [Question VI-6 through VI-10]
Church Activities [Question III-1 through III-2-N]
Spiritual Life [Question III-3-A through III-3-H]
Outreach and Evangelism [Question III-4 through III-5-J]
Community Service [Question III-6-A through III-7]
Christian Education [Question III-8-A through III-8-B]
Church Growth [Question III-9 through III-11]