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FACT: Research Findings
The findings from the Adventist survey are presented in several formats. The links below will take you to the various presentations of the findings.

Overall Findings - Using an index of the entire questionnaire, you can explore the basic responses from the random sample of Seventh-day Adventist local churches. Included are some comparisons with the aggregate, interfaith responses. This is a good place to find the basic questions and simple percentages of response. The findings in this section are presented in tabular format.

Topical Findings - Quick overviews of information from the Adventist survey organized around key areas of interest in the local church. New topics will be added from time to time. The findings in this section are presented in graphic and narrative format.

Research Publications - In this section are posted research papers written by the Adventist team, including Roger Dudley, director of the Institute of Church Ministry at Andrews University, and Monte Sahlin, vice president of the Columbia Union Conference and board chair for the Center for Creative Ministry. The findings in this section are early documents providing analysis of some of the information from this study.

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