"Maintaining a comfort zone can, paradoxically, lead to
discomfort in the long run."
--Eric Allenbaugh

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Friendship Evangelism
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You seem to really connect with the same check-out person where you buy groceries every week... how do you invite her to lunch where you can talk together about what you value?

A work colleague in the next office over from yours keeps telling you stories about his life. You sense he is trying to fill a God-shaped void in his life...how do you bring up the topic naturally?

Your sister married this real nice unchurched guy. It appears that he'd be open to hearing about the difference Jesus makes in your life... but how do you do that without turning him off?

A graduate school classmate enjoys talking with you, but you find it difficult to focus on what she is saying;  your mind wanders. She is open about her struggles. How can you listen better?

Seventy-seven percent of local church leaders say friendship/lifestyle evangelism is the very best way to share Christ and bring work colleagues, family members and friends into the Adventist church.

Once trust is established, the natural progression of friendship conversation often turns to faith. How does this happen? Friend 2 Friend unpacks a well-known quotation to discover how.

"Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with [humanity] as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs and won their confidence.  Then He bade them, follow me." (Ministry of Healing, p. 143)

In six short sessions you can equip active Adventists to effectively share friendship and faith with work colleagues, family members, neighbors and friends.

Each section engages the learner in four ways.

Touch - a time to reflect on the life of each participant first before launching into content
Teach - a presenter-to-listener activity establishes principles and new concepts
Try - an opportunity to 'try out' what has been heard in the previous section
Treasure - a time for participants to determine the personal value they will take away from the learning experience on that topic

Materials Included in this Training Kit:

Leader's Guide - all instruction needed to effectively facilitate this seminar
Participant's Guide - invaluable resource for each participant (quantity discounts available)
Video Promo - a 4-minute introduction to friendship evangelism.
Video Teaching Segments - six 20-minute presentations by Monte Sahlin
Show-on-the go Presentations - colorful slides to enhance the visual learning experience
Audio Sermons - four presentations by Pastor Greg Schaller on  friendship evangelism

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