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The Holy Spirit: Working Behind the Scenes
The Holy Spirit: Working Behind the Scenes
Texts: Ezekiel 37:5, 9; Genesis 1:2; Job 26:13; Exodus 31:1-5; John 16:13, 14; Galatians 5:16-23

January 14, 2017

If this was a sporting event, the score would be Wind: 1, Wind Turbine: 0. You would think that wind turbines would be able to withstand things like, well, wind gusts for example. After all, isn’t that their purpose, to harness the power of the wind into energy? Apparently though, a Cape Breton, Nova Scotia wind turbine didn’t get the message.

Residents in Grand Étang, Nova Scotia woke up last week on Wednesday morning to the sight of a wind turbine snapped in two. The culprit was the area’s legendary high winds—at times reaching 100 mph—blowing in off the coast early that morning. Pierre Chiasson posted a video on YouTube of the fallen turbine, snapped in two like a toothpick. “You wanna see what the wind can do down here,” he says as he sits several hundred yards away from the downed turbine. “There’s the big windmill, shattered to pieces; blown apart by an east-southeast wind. It blew ‘er to pieces. Incredible power!”

According to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, the Nova Scotia Power company is still working to identify the cause of the break, as they are not sure it was caused by the wind. But the locals have no doubt about the perpetrator. Strong winds are common in that corner of the province. The southeast gusts—commonly known by their Acadian name of “les suêtes”—can sometimes reach category 3 hurricane force speeds of up to 125 mph. [1]

It’s fitting that Jesus used the imagery of wind in our lesson this week to describe the work of the Holy Spirit. Sunday’s lesson looks at Jesus’ statement in John 3, comparing the mysterious movements of the wind to the elusiveness of the Holy Spirit. It goes where it wills, often undetected until we see its results. The Holy Spirit works effectively and efficiently behind the scenes—the active agent of the Trinity to accomplish God’s purpose in the world.

As wind forms waves over the ocean, so the Holy Spirit moved upon the waters in the beginning, joining the Father and the Son to accomplish the act of Creation. We even see the Holy Spirit at work in the ministry of the sanctuary service, empowering craftsmen and artists to construct a beautiful representation of God’s work of salvation on our behalf.

And yet, we don’t really see the Spirit at work. Since the Holy Spirit works behind the scenes, we only see the effects of the Spirit’s work once that work begins functioning; often only recognizing the Spirit’s influence after the fact.

It’s easy to overlook the work of the Spirit because the Spirit always directs us to Jesus, giving glory to our Savior. But as we look deeper into the work of the Holy Spirit, we echo the words of Pierre Chiasson: “Incredible power!”


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