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Jesus: The Master of Missions
Jesus: The Master of Missions
2 Timothy 1:8-9; Isaiah 42:1-9; Daniel 9:24-27; Luke 2:8-14; Matthew 10:5-6; Acts 1:1-14
August 15, 2015

“I think my questions were somewhat unfair,” reflected one presidential candidate at last week’s GOP Primary Debate, “but it’s fine, I really enjoyed it.” Of course, this same candidate also said “Our leaders are stupid. Our politicians are stupid.” The main focus of his campaign is immigration reform.

One of the younger candidates pointed out that he is the obvious generational contrast to the other party’s leading candidate, while calling attention to his knowledge on foreign policy and the economy. Two others focused on national security as the central theme of their platforms, although their assessments of the war in Iraq didn’t win them many points with the Fox News audience. Another candidate drew attention to his stands on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and his Christian faith. Some highlighted their opposition to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. They all emphasized their disapproval of each other.

Several other candidates didn’t make much of a splash at all. One of them quipped “I wasn’t sure I was gonna get to talk again.”

Meanwhile, as the public watched this spectacle inside Cleveland’s Quicken Loan Arena, another politician (in an apparent attempt to bury the impact of his statement) blasted the recent Iran nuclear deal. And in California, another high-profile candidate took a selfie with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. [1]

The takeaway from this political theater? Each candidate has particular strengths and weaknesses, and each has areas of primary focus—hobby horses, if you will—different from the others. Not one of them can do all things or be all things to all people.

That’s what makes Jesus stand out as a Man above men and as King of kings and Lord of lords. He really can do all things; He really is all things to all people, period. In our lesson this week about Jesus as the Master Missionary, we see that Jesus set up ancient Israel to be a light to all nations because Jesus is the Desire of all nations for all ages. Jesus is a master at reaching Jewish hearts and minds. Jesus has a passion and ability to connect with Gentiles, His children across the globe. Jesus is a Master Leader, a Master Trainer, a Master Visionary, and a Master Missionary for all time.

As such, He calls us to partner with Him in His great gospel commission to reach every nation, kindred, tongue and people. He chooses us, even though we have limited abilities, narrow interests, and often biased opinions and hobby horses.


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