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"Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer" | May 16, 2015 | Order Info

Texts: Luke 2:25-32; Luke 11:1-4; Luke 11:9-11; Luke 23:46; John 16:5-7; Matthew 7:21-23

Just a few days ago on Mother’s Day, mothers around the country and in many countries of the world, received greetings, phone calls, cards, flowers, and gifts as tokens of appreciation from their children. Facebook was filled with posts written as tributes to mothers who have passed away. President Obama called three moms who had written him letters. These awestruck women from Arizona, Minnesota, and Florida found it difficult to believe that the person calling to wish them Happy Mother’s Day was, in fact, the President. From the many letters he receives, President Obama chooses ten to read each night. As a result, three mothers received a congratulatory telephone call from the top ranking official of the United States. After assuring each that he was indeed who he claimed to be, he gave words of encouragement and a message of support that they were doing a good job, and because of them, their children would turn out alright.

A small thing, or a life-changing moment? The telephone call spanning the course of a minute or two could have a lasting effect in the lives of those moms and their children. Conversations are that way. Some cannot be recalled while others change lives.

Our Sabbath School lesson this week is about conversations. These conversations were not between the leader of a country and unsuspecting moms. They were between Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. The talk between these three members of the Godhead serves as an example of how we might pray. When Jesus’ followers asked Him to teach them to pray, He gave a simple, but encompassing prayer known to many as The Lord’s Prayer. The prayer is different than an asking prayer that we are so prone to utter in our times of need or distress. In it Jesus did address the basic needs, but moved beyond to praise and acknowledgement of the One to whom we pray. The prayer transcends the present to the power of God.

In another story, Jesus spoke of the importance of persisting in prayer, of continuing to ask, search, and knock because God gives the Holy Spirit when people persevere. When Jesus prayed, He saw beyond the immediate circumstances to the wishes of an eternal God. He prayed past the pressing, to the everlasting. Jesus knew the Holy Spirit. In His prayers, stories, and advice to his disciples, followers, and to us, He both demonstrates and expresses the importance of getting to know—of learning to trust—and of living in close connection with the Holy Spirit.

~ jv

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