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The Coming of Jesus

"The Coming of Jesus" |April 4, 2015 Order Info

Texts: Luke 1:2-3; 2 Tim. 3:16; Luke 1:5-22; Deut. 18:15; Luke 2:9-12, 25-32

Tired of waiting for a doctor to see you? Don’t complain. Just take a trip to China and you’ll be glad for the speedy service you receive in the United States. Health care services in the land of the red dragon are dragging. Long wait times and poor service in rural areas plague an ailing health system.

Leaders in China have set a goal that by 2020 they will double the number of doctors in the country since 2013. Beijing wants two general practice doctors for every one thousand people. One of the challenges in finding doctors is the low salaries offered. The backlog of patients is creating tensions between medical staff and frustrated people looking for a good doctor.

“Health care resources overall are insufficient, quality is too low, our structures are badly organized and service systems fragmented,” China's State Council said in announcing targets from now to the 2020 date. “Parts of the public hospital system have also become bloated,” it said.1

This week’s Sabbath school lesson introduces us to the New Testament gospel of Luke. It’s written by a doctor, a physician so gifted that he was snatched up by the apostle Paul in his missionary travels.

Dr. Luke was not a Jew. He was a Gentile convert who came to know and love Jesus. He was a travel companion of Paul and also wrote the book of Acts. A careful study of his two-volume series on the church (the book of Luke and the book of Acts) reveals a man careful with detail. He was meticulous in historical data and didn’t hesitate to quote from sources to confirm his research.

But Luke did more than write an “orderly account” (Luke 1:3). He introduces Jesus to the Gentiles. You might think of it like this: the Jews were first in line to receive spiritual healthcare. The Gentiles had to wait and hope someone would think of them. Luke remembered. In fact, his gospel account of Jesus is the longest of all New Testament books.

Luke gives Jesus as a friend of all people, especially those who are waiting to see the Great Physician.

~ cr

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