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Welcome Home Sabbath - November 21, 2015
Many inactive members start thinking about church during the holiday season. That’s why the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America designates the Sabbath before Thanksgiving (in the US) as a day to invite friends and family to come back to church. (See NAD calendar of special days link: nadadventist.org

Why not start now to prepare a special day of programming and fellowship at your church? There are people in your town who have not attended church for weeks, or maybe even years. They need to know that they are still loved and welcome, regardless of why they stopped attending.

Paul Richardson, 
NAD Reconnecting Ministries Coordinator writes in his book, An Indescribable Welcome Home: "So are you in? Are you ready to join me in the reconciliation revolution? There are former and inactive members out there who are homesick. They need compassionate, forgiving, loving members who will act like the father and run out to meet them."

Below you will find resources and ideas to help make your church's Welcome Home Sabbath a success.


Preparing and Implementing Your Welcome Home Sabbath - Ideas on how to plan, implement, and follow up your own Welcome Home Sabbath

Sabbath School Special Feature - How long would you be willing to wait for someone to return to God? But Carrie* prayed and waited for her friend, Heather, for five years! And it was worth the wait.

Sermon Manuscript - That’s what church can be for all of us—a “second home.” It can be family. A family that worships God together, fellowships together, learns together, and serves people together.

Youth and Young Adult Reconnecting Resources - Websites and books to help you reach out and connect with this age group

Reconnecting Resources - Webinars, books, and articles to help you reach out to inactive members