"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
--Albert Einstein

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Contemporary Comments on the Adult Sabbath School Lesson [Text] Genesis 2:18-25, Mark 10:7-9, Ephesians 5:22-25, Matthew 5:27-30, 2 Corinthians 3:18 [Use] March 2, 2013 Young Woman (YW): How many years have you been married? Older Woman (OW): Forty-three years YW: My, that is rare these days OW: Why do you think that is? YW: I can think of several reasons. First, my parents dated for seven years before they got married and they are still together. I don’t think couples today date long enough to get to know one another. When the going gets tough they start looking around for someone different. Second, I am pretty sure having their honeymoon nights before they are married is part of it, too. I am 29 years old and most of my friends are on their second or third marriage. Some have children from different fathers. Finally, I think divorce is too easy to obtain. OW: So are you married? YW: I just got married—for the first time and I want it to be like my parents and have us be together for a lifetime. Young Woman has a goal. Will she be able to achieve it? According to a variety of Internet sites 50% of marriages will end in divorce. It may depend upon who she focuses upon. Mike and Gayle Tucker, a married couple, saw so many unhappy couples as well as a number of young adults afraid to commit to someone for life because their own parents had divorced. The Tuckers started asking experts on marriage, "What's wrecking America's marriages?" That question led to the Tucker’s television program and nation-wide seminars they call "Mad About Marriage." According to their website their goal is to give couples the tools for staying "madly in love" forever. [1] Perhaps the time has come to make a poster out of Wikipedia’s list of longest married couples, those who have been married 80 or more years. The current leading couple listed is Karam and Kartaria Chand who live in the United Kingdom. According to the list they have been married for 87 years, 54 days and the world is still counting. [2] The second section of Wikipedia’s list is of those couples who lived to celebrate their 83rd wedding anniversary before death came between them. The entire document is must-see piece of encouragement for anyone still married or would make a great wedding gift for those planning to get married. [3] Our lesson study this week takes us into the love triangle that is a Christian marriage: husband, wife and God. Scripture also includes a comparative example of marriage in another love triangle: God, God's people, and God's church. We find both examples throughout Scripture. Trouble emerges in either triangle when selfishness replaces God. By contrast, the closer each gets to God the closer one is to the other. Young Woman, do not focus on the discouraging divorce statistics. Make God a focal point in your relationship. Then add lots of time together, trust, and tolerance of one another’s differences. There is living proof that a long marriage is indeed possible. [1] http://www.madaboutmarriage.com/ [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_with_the_longest_marriages#Longest_living_married_couples_.28.E2.89.A580_years.29 [3] Ibid Extra Resource: http://www.madaboutmarriage.com/article/64/mad-about-marriage-shows/archived-mam-shows/building-a-love-that-lasts

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