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A Love Response

 "A Love Response" | June 9, 2012 Order Info

Text: 1 John 4:18, 19; Romans 3:19, 20; John 15:13; Romans 5:6-8; John 6:28, 29.

What motivates you to serve Christ? What prompts you to witness for Jesus? What spurs you to be involved in evangelism in your local church? This week’s Sabbath school lesson looks at the inner drive that causes us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:19 NKJV). Perhaps a glimpse of motivational research in other fields can give us insights on our impulses to act for God.

In Forbes this week Glenn Llopis discusses “Top 9 Things that Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve.” He begins by asking, “When you wake up in the morning, what is the passion that fuels you to start your day?” He suggests we think about motivations in the work place. “The objective should be to help one another and to accomplish this each of you must identify those things that motivate you both to work together.”1

Llopis gives us nine things that ultimately motivate employees to achieve. Think about these in relationship to our service for Christ. What can we learn? Here is his list:

1. Trustworthy Leadership. Leaders that have your back and that are looking out for your best interests – will win the trust of their employees who in turn will be more motivated to achieve.

2. Being Relevant. In today’s world where everyone wants to be noticed and recognized for their work – employees are motivated to achieve to remain relevant.

3. Proving Others Wrong. This particular motivation to achieve has been heighten (sic) as of late from younger professionals that seek to prove themselves faster amongst older generations in the workplace.

4. Career Advancement. Perhaps the most important factor on this list is the ability to advance. Employees are extremely motivated to achieve if this means that advancement awaits them.

5. No Regrets. Many people are confused in today’s workplace about their future. Motivate them by giving them the perspective they need to achieve.

6. Stable Future. People are motivated to have safety and security.

7. Self-Indulgence. This factor is quite interesting and extremely important to put into proper perspective. People are motivated for selfish reasons to achieve…

8. Impact. As employees reflect on their lives and careers – they want to contribute in ways that measure their achievements based upon the long-term benefits that the company they serve bears.

9. Happiness. In the end, happiness is one of the greatest motivations to achieve.

So, how do these stack up against how the Bible encourages us to be motivated to serve? Why not use this list as a discussion starter for your Sabbath school class. What is the right motivation for being involved in your church? Are any of the motivations listed above relevant for our Christian life?


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2. Here is a list of fun quotes on the topic of motivation: Inspirational Quotes

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