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Facebook Social Media
Since so many of you have Facebook accounts, we want to meet you there too. We're calling our app Ministry Edge.

In it you'll receive:

Contemporary Comments – our weekly news story linked to the Sabbath School content.

GraceNotes – the best of our inspirational articles on spiritual living and community.

ScripShot – beautiful photographs and quotations for your enjoyment and reflection.

But the most exciting thing about Ministry Edge is your gateway to exclusive offers of Center resources at prices you will not find anywhere else, not even on our Web site. And there's no signup fee.

To access Ministry Edge click on this link right now. Simply follow the process Facebook guides you through to access our application. By the way, despite Facebook’s warning, we DO NOT access any of your personal

If you have any challenges accessing and bookmarking our application, here is a short video to walk you through it.

Please don't keep this good news to yourself. Please invite your friends to access Ministry Edge too.

Thank you.

INNOVATIONewsletter - January 28, 2011