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Your friend at work has been visiting with you about raising her kids with some honorable values. Where do you point her? eGraceNotes: FamilyFirst.

Your neighbor next door has been exercising too little and eating too much as a stay-at-home Dad and he told you recently he wants to get back in shape. Where do you point him? eGraceNotes: Staying Young

Your unchurched cousins have been starting to ask questions about faith after their mother, your aunt died. Where do you point them? eGraceNotes: The Bible Says

For more than five years the North American Division (NAD) has been adding value to the lives of people who come to Adventist Church & School Connect web sites as well as netAdventist web sites through content that has being coordinated and archived at eGraceNotes.

Multiple times per week short articles with a photo have been pushed by RSS feeds to more than 10,000 web sites on the topics of family life, healthful living and how the Bible enriches your life. This content is also available in Spanish and French.

Now, that content is also being made available through a new app for iPhones and iPads called eGracenotes. "It's exciting to see the app go live," said Paul Richardson, Managing Editor of the eGraceNotes project for NAD. "While we were testing it in the past few days, more than 300 from Bermuda, Canada, United States as well as Antiqua, Australia, Barbuda and South Africa have signed up for the free app before we started advertising it! This is an exciting new way to expand our readership."

Writers from across North America prepare the content and their submissions are coordinated by Linda DuBose, who works for the Center for Creative Ministry that manages the eGraceNotes project for NAD. "We are always looking for new writers," Linda said, "and it's easy to submit content any time from anywhere by going to eGraceNotes and following the prompts under New Submissions at the bottom of the page."

Reader's responses are regular:

Sylvia said, "That little laugh as to 'Who's in Charge' was perfect for us and our neighbor tonight!!"

"Thanks." Lidija writes, "Amen to this message. I pray that God continues to speak to my heart and soul so I can know how, when and where to do His will!" Tanya commented, "I loved this article....it's timing was amazing! I battled [with feeling ashamed] just last night! God speaks to us in many ways and this is His message to me loud and clear!"

And finally Jim writes, "This is a very beautiful article [Cry With Me]. For me, it is a truly inspirational piece. It can be a true blessing for fellow believers in Christ. It can be a reminder of how we are to be in our relationship with each other - even in the face of death."

"We're always looking for new ways to reach more people for Christ across North America and around the world by offering them hope and wholeness," says Debra Brill, Vice President for NAD and chair of the NAD Internet Committee. "We invite you to sign up for this app, write a review about it and also tell your friends about eGraceNotes."

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