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Uriah: Faith of a Foreigner

Uriah: Faith of a Foreigner | November 6, 2010 Order Info

Scripture: 1 Samuel 26:5-11; 2 Samuel 11; Esther 8:17; Psalm 51; Isaiah 56:3-7; Ephesians 2:19.

How would you like to receive a bomb in the mail? That almost happened this last week to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In fact, four parcel bombs were discovered in Athens, Greece this last Monday. According to BBC News, “One of the bombs, addressed to the Mexican embassy in Athens, exploded in the offices of a private courier company, slightly injuring an employee. The other two parcels were addressed to the Belgian and Dutch embassies in the city.” 1

Late last week a couple more bombs were discovered by German officials in Yemen that were addressed to a couple of synagogues in Chicago. The cargo bombs were made of the explosive PETN and were planted in printer toner cartridges that were wired to the circuit boards of cell phones. The explosives could have caused “significant damage” if they had gone off. 2

A critical tip off supposedly came from a defected al-Qaida supporter who gave an 11th hour tip. The CIA has been working with Gulf spy agencies to place double agents into the al-Qaida system. One of the defectors was discovered and assassinated. But the former Saudi jihadist who spoke up actually gave tracking information that saved many lives. 3

Our Sabbath school lesson for this week (November 6, 2010) reveals a parcel that was delivered that resulted in lost lives. When King David sleeps with Uriah’s wife (Bathsheba), he desperately tries to cover his sin by encouraging his faithful servant to take a break from war and go home and sleep with his wife. Uriah loyally sleeps outside the palace gates and refuses to go home. So David sends a secret letter with Uriah (a letter bomb if you will) to give to Joab, the head of Israel’s army. In the letter David asks Joab to push Uriah to the front of the fighting and then pull back the troops leaving Uriah alone to fight and die.

The domino effect of David’s sin not only causes the death of Uriah, but the loss of Bathsheba’s baby and a deterioration in David’s family that eventually impacts the whole nation. Little did Uriah know he was carrying his own death sentence in a letter. Oh, for an 11th hour interception!

 We are Uriah. We carry a death sentence in our very genes. Without an interception, we are doomed to die in fighting our own battles against the enemy of our lives. But Jesus came and gave the critical tip off information that saved our lives. The life saving message is called the gospel.

Every day Satan sends me letter bombs. He wants me dead. I’m glad for heavenly agents who intercede. I’m glad for the greatest tip off in history. I stand behind Jesus. He took the hit.


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