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Adventist Families in North America
Submitted: Jun 8, 2010

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Just released data discloses the state of the Adventist family in North America. The reader will find many encouraging findings, a few surprises, and some concerns. This study, conducted in 2009 and released just last month offers recent data and then compares it to reports conducted over the four decades. It shows how the ratio of married members to singles compares over time. It answers the question of how many Adventists divorce. Where people get married and who presides over the service. Age difference between spouses. Length of courtship and engagement. Decision-making trends in the family. Conflict triggers between husband and wife. Birth trends of children and child-raising attitudes. Church trends in family life education. How the church should be dealing with divorce, and more.

Adventist Families in North America is an ideal presentation source for pastors, first elders, family ministries leaders in congregations and conferences. It's an outstanding discussion starter at board meetings, in small groups, classrooms and for individual reflection. It's an excellent tool for coaching/counseling singles, married
couples and the divorced.

This extensive electronic package includes a 120-page report in full color and a 114-slide PowerPoint presentation. US$19.95  |  Product format is a zip file  |  Purchase now