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New Sharing Scripture

Small groups world wide have been using the Center's English language study guide for years. Sharing Scripture is now available FREE for a limited time in Spanish & French. Help us spread the word. Small Group Tools.

Sharing Scripture helps Sabbath School leaders and small group facilitators reach all the various types of learners in a single lesson. Not everyone learns the same way. Each lesson moves everyone through connecting, sharing, applying, and valuing exercises. It is designed to incorporate scriptural principles into every area of life. 

Sharing Scripture follows the same theme and biblical emphasis of the Adventist adult quarterly. Each study guide has four sections (Connecting, Sharing, Applying, and Valuing) comprise a learning cycle to reach all types of learners in your group. Following these sections in order leads the group through a dynamic process of understanding: 

- Why? Connecting the lesson concept to your personal experience

- What? Sharing the lesson facts by looking at specific Scripture passages

- How? Applying the lesson by trying out the ideas learned

- What if? Valuing the lesson by creatively personalizing it to your life 
Is your group using Sharing Scripture?

INNOVATIONewsletter - April 7, 2010