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New Quick Start Guide

You've been asked to start Reconnecting Ministries in your church. But you're not totally confident where to start or what to do. Well, here's where you begin. Just released, this 17-page workbook will help you to understand: 

- Why the people we love leave the church we love

- What the extent of our challenge is in North America

- What predictable path people take as they leave their home church

- What approaches work with missing members and what don't

- What congregations are doing to effective reconnect with their inactive members

- How to create special events that are attractive to their 'invisible' church family

- What activities work well away from the church to build bridges back

- How to evaluate your Reconnecting Ministries and make mid-course corrections

- What book, video, newsletter and online resource are available

- And so much more... 
Why don't you get multiple copies of this inexpensive, informative and inspirational resource and share them with the elders, Sabbath School leaders, greeters, Personal Ministries team and more at your church: 
New Quick Start Guide – $2.95 each (quantity discounts available) 

INNOVATIONewsletter - April 7, 2010