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Interesting Numbers

The Baby Boom Generation was born between 1946 and 1964. That means the oldest members of this largest cohort in American history turn 64 years old this year and the youngest members turn 46. Some of you may immediately see the fascinating inverse relationship of the numbers (years 46-64 > age 64-46) and admittedly some are now rolling their eyes!  

In the Adventist denomination, Boomers account for the majority of pastors and local church officers. Our children are in college or are young professionals. Interestingly, some Boomers are just having children later in life. A growing number of Boomer households enjoy visiting grandchildren and when they start to overwhelm us, we send them home. But a growing number of Boomers ready for retirement are finding their grandchildren coming to live with them on a permanent basis because their parents are going through difficult times, or are in the military, etc. 

Even though Boomers are in the majority in the church, it's my observation that we haven't significantly changed the way Adventism operates, especially in North America. We're preserving our parent's and grandparent's institutions, beliefs and codes of conduct virtually intact. This is largely due to the polarization of the generation. Theologically, philosophically and politically the left and right are canceling each other out. And Christ's mission is languishing because of it! 

Maybe it's time we get back to the core values and statements of faith the Center has held for years. They seem amazing relevant for today's realities. If you haven't looked at them lately, I'd urge you to read them again with new eyes.

INNOVATIONewsletter - January 22, 2010