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Leadership Style
On pages 131-140 in God’s Potters by Jackson W. Carroll, a report is shared about the newly published Pulpit & Pew study on pastoral leadership. The study identified the following leadership:

Style 1 = Pastor takes charge
Style 2 = Pastor inspires members to act, but acts alone when necessary
Style 3 = Pastor acts on goals set by the members
Style 4 = Members make decisions; pastor empowers them

Three out of four clergy and half (49%) of church members prefer Style 2, with relative small numbers preferring the other styles:

Style 1 - 4% of clergy, 20% of members
Style 3 - 11% of clergy, 15% of members
Style 4 - 10% of clergy, 4% of members

More than two-thirds of members and nearly four out of five clergy want pastors to be proactive (Styles 1 and 2), but would also like to see pastors help members get involved in decision making (Styles 2, 3 and 4). It seems that effective pastoral leadership is a delicate balance of taking action and empowering members.

INNOVATIONewsletter, August 28, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry