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New Research on Church Growth
Earlier this week, Monte Sahlin attended the annual meeting in Chicago of the Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership (CCSP). This is the group of researchers from more than 40 different religions and denominations that publishes the Faith Communities Today (FACT) series. The group reviewed the raw data from the FACT 2005 survey, a random sample of 880-some congregations of all faiths across the U.S. with a particular focus on growth factors.

One interesting tidbit: there is a strong correlation between the use of two kinds of electronic technology and church growth: Web sites and electric guitars/basses. There is also a strong correlation between church growth and the willingness of a congregation to embrace change. This is a correlation that Monte found in a denominational study from the FACT 2000 data, so it is interesting that this same factor is showing up in the interfaith sample in 2005. That seems to be a strong characteristic.

INNOVATIONewsletter, August 2, 2006 Center for Creative Ministry