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Don't Be Surprised
He grew up Adventist but hadn't been to church in years. His buddies at work knew of his Adventist background. So when they saw the ad in the newspaper inviting people to come back to the local Adventist church, they taped the ad over his work computer monitor while he was out. In the corner of the page they wrote these words to this inactive member, “They want you back Jim.” This was the prompting Jim needed and that next Sabbath he visited his old church again. 

This Sabbath, November 21, is Welcome Home Sabbath in churches across North America. We've been promoting this throughout the year and I know a number of your are doing something special this weekend. Don't be surprised to see those you least expected to walk through your doors! 

And no matter what Sabbath or week-day event you have chosen to build bridges to your inactively attending members, I know God will use those initiatives to break down walls and create a reconnection again. Know that I am praying for what you are doing. 

Would you do me a favor? Let me hear some of your experiences from this weekend or whenever you have a welcome back event? I'd like new stories to tell, just like Jim's! 

INNOVATIONewsletter - November 19, 2009