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Does Your Congregation Have a Technology Officer?
A variety of high-tech tools have become increasingly important to the communication of faith and it is time for every congregation to have a technology pastor or director or whatever you’d like to call the person. Brad Lewis, a contributing editor at Rev! magazine, makes the point that often no one with technical expertise regularly attends congregational governing bodies and/or staff meetings. "Techies" in the congregation are often unknown to key leaders and work in anonymity. That really does not serve to make technology an authentic extension of ministry.

The key role for a congregation's technology officer is to link the "techies" with the clergy and lay leadership. Regular discussions are needed about the variety of technical solutions to ministry problems and the spiritual implications of the inevitable "shift" that the medium brings to the message. No place does secular culture intrude more into the spiritual heart of local religious groups than in the interface with technology and worship, or technology and learning. No place is that intrusion less examined, largely because most clergy don't know what they don't know about new technology. :)

INNOVATIONewsletter, April 27, 2006 Center for Creative Ministry