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Plan Now for Welcome Home Sabbath
Active Seventh-day Adventists across North America have inactive members on their minds and in their prayers. We know this because active attenders were asked in a survey if they had a direct influence in someone reconnecting with the church. The level of response leads us to believe than more than 30,000 came back this past year; an average of 6 per congregation! Having different types of reconnecting activities is critical to an effective reconnecting ministry--self-help seminars, specialized SabbathSchool classes or small groups, sports leagues, service projects to help the poor and hurting, crochet clubs, classic car rallies, etc. A special worship Sabbath service will also attract folks and we'd encourage you to plan something winsome any Sabbath, but you might want to consider doing it on the officially designated day, November 26. For ideas on how to prepare for that day and have an active Reconnecting Ministry on an ongoing basis, browse these resources at: http://www.creativeministry.org/article.php?id=67

And if the Center for Creative Ministry, the North American Division (NAD) coordinator for Reconnecting Ministries, can help answer questions along the way, call toll-free 800.272.4664.

INNOVATIONewsletter, October 13, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry