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Re-vangelism = Respect Evangelism
The more young adults I visit with the more they tell me that basic respect is lacking in religious circles these days. We don't respect the other person's calendar or pace of life. We don't respect the other person's point of view if it differs from ours. We don't respect family connections and the trauma it brings to a person to change religious "brands" or become religious for the first time in one's life. And worst of all, we don't seem to respect the Spirit's time line for conversion, belief or behavior changes. Evangelism at its best wins a person's confidence (without fear) and progresses as the Spirit prompts. In surveys about what makes a person trustworthy, here are the top five responses. 
  • He or she won't lie to you
  • Respects your property
  • Doesn't second-guess your decisions
  • Upholds your dignity and worth (especially when not in the room)
  • Wants the best for you without qualification

At Re-vangelism we'll be building respect back into the evangelism cycle. You won't want to miss this event!

INNOVATIONewsletter, September 14, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry