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Spirituality in America
The current issue of Newsweek (Sept 5) has a cover article on "Spirituality in America," including a significant poll that gives some real insight to what is happening both among our church members and the general public. The data are full of evidence of the continued trend toward postmodern religion. For example, one poll question:

"When do you feel the strongest connection to God?"

40% - When praying alone
21% - When out in nature
21% - In a house of worship
6%  - When praying with others
2%  - When reading Scripture

Notice how much Bible study is separated from spirituality in the minds of people.

Another example: "How often do you engage in these religious or spiritual activities?" (Those who say "every day")

64% - Pray
29% - Meditate
21% - Spiritual activity not connected with a church
20% - Read Scripture
2% - Attend church activities

Spirituality is more and more being defined by people as separate from organized religion. (This excerpt was supplied by Monte Sahlin.) To look at more detailed data, click here for the PDF link.

INNOVATIONewsletter, September 1, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry