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Re-vangelism = Reconnecting Evangelism
There are many reasons why people stop coming to church; many of them are good reasons. It's usually a "perfect storm" of difficult experiences taking place in the lives of people that prompt them to say, "I don't need one more stressor in my life. I'm going to take a break from church for a while to get things back on track." And before they know it, it's been years since they were at church.

Leadership is critical to an effective reconnecting ministry. Think of it as retention ministries. Our Adventist educators understand this concept. College and university presidents realize that they cannot rely solely on the influx of freshmen students each year to keep their schools full. They need to do all they can to make sure freshmen come back as sophomores, juniors and seniors. If that happens effectively, theirs is a thriving educational setting. Sadly, our congregations have not been giving enough attention to retention initiatives. They've been holding evangelistic meetings, delighted with the 'freshmen' that have been baptized but paying little attention to the fact that the 'sophomores, juniors and seniors' are leaving out the back door in droves rarely to return. As a result, too many of our congregations are not viable.

Reserve January 27-29, 2006 for RE-VANGELISM, a gathering of friends who love people too much to let them go, hosted by Faith For Today and the Center for Creative Ministry. We will be talking about this and other innovative evangelism initiatives in Arlington, Texas. You won't want to miss it!

INNOVATIONewsletter, September 1, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry