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Ministry to Parents of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
A pastor from Ohio called me just before Christmas. He identified a trend at his church of parents who bring young children to church but who don't attend another adult class or often stay for the worship service. This pastor wondered what could be provided for the parents to affirm their spirituality. Here is what I recommended for him to consider, and thought it might be helpful to you:

Prime Time for Parents
Sharing Scripture

We also have a resource that is a bit more involved than the one-page items mentioned above, but it is a year-long curriculum on prayer, Bible promises, contemplation, and spiritual mentoring. You might want to consider that also:

Coming Together Series

We write a piece each week that links a news story being seen on TV or read in the newspapers with the theme and Bible texts of the Quarterly. It's free, and may be something that could be incorporated into whatever you offer to the parents. You can sign up here.

Zondervan Publishing has some small group materials you'll want to check out: Small Groups.

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