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Witnessing Tools for Today
The novel "The Da Vinci Code" continues to sell millions of copies and now there are plans to make a major movie on its theme. If you are in dialog with secular people, the topics in this book will come up. US News & World Report has recently published a special issue on "Secrets of the Da Vinci Code" which is currently available on newsstands and in bookstores. It gives you a rich supply of information, including a quick overview of the plot and content of the novel and the factual history that is related to all of the religious and spiritual ideas in the book. This is a helpful tool for your files/library.

How do you prepare yourself for conversations like you may potentially have with someone who has read this book even if you have not? We recommend our latest resource One-Minute Witness. It takes the fear out of sharing your faith with others prioritizing friendship first. Concise, creative, comprehensive, and affordable, this is a great booklet to read and share with friends. Quantity discounts are available! To listen to an excerpt, click here.

INNOVATIONewsletter, January 19, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry