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Bermuda Reconnecting Ministries
Warm breezes blew into the open windows of the Southampton Church this past weekend, symbolic of the Spirit's obvious presence in the packed sanctuary of Adventists eager to reconnect with missing members. 10,000 Bermudians recently identified themselves in a census as Adventists, exceeding the 3,000 who actively attend by more than double. Newly elected conference president Jeffrey Brown said at the end of our training day, "Reconnecting Ministries is a top priority for us. Not only do we need to reconnect with the one-in-six Bermudians who identify themselves as Adventists, we also want to reach the others with friendship evangelism for the glory of God and the edification of our 10 congregations."

Sheila Holder is the conference coordinator of Reconnecting Ministries. At the urging of some of the Bermuda pastors who came to our Denver training event a year ago, Sheila invited me to come provide a Sabbath School feature, the worship hour sermon as well as training and encouragement to seventy-some delegates attended the afternoon session from all the churches. It was a memorable time of praise, prayer and planning that I'll treasure for a lifetime.

INNOVATIONewsletter, January 19, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry