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Reconnecting Ministries Testimony and Training
Following the January 8 NAD Reconnecting Ministries training event that took place at the Forest Lake Church in Florida, Pastor Derek Morris received the following email:

"A couple weeks ago I saw the sign out front of the church with "How to Treat Lost Sheep" and immediately thought, a sermon about me? After watching online (which I have done a few times now) I think it was a sermon about me. Some twenty years ago I became a Christian and was very active for several years with my church, my youth group and FCA at my school. Like the man who gave his testimony, I also fell away although mine was a disagreement with my own church. Although they had many ministries for youth, they had none for young adult singles. At seventeen I was thrown in with all the married ladies, who quite frankly spent more time complaining about their husbands than learning about Christ those mornings in Sunday School (yes I said Sunday School, I am not SDA, but as a believer in Christ, see myself the same as you). Eventually I became discouraged and alone and quit attending church. Sometime later two members of my church I had never met showed up at my door wanting to know why I no longer attended church. Being the outspoken person I am, I plainly told them, they just said "oh" and left, I never saw them or anyone else from the church ever again.

"Now here twenty years later, I wish someone had come back, someone I knew, someone prepared to answer my question about why I should come back, so I wouldn't have lost so many years of my life away. Maybe one day I will get as far as the parking lot. For now I do enjoy watching online, anyone who is willing to walk around with a stuffed sheep on his head for twenty minutes to make a point, is worth tuning into again. I would say that there are people from all Christian faiths who have fallen away, not just from your church, I hope that your members reach out to them all."

You can view my interview with a reconnected member and Derek's sermon at Sermon Archives (then choose your choice of formats for the January 8, 2005, sermon).

The NAD Reconnecting Ministries training event for the North Pacific Union will be hosted by the Walla Walla College Church. For other training events, click here. For those in the MidAmerica Union, note the training event at the College View Church in Lincoln, NE, on February 12, 2005, is not in 2004 as the poster at your church indicates.

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