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Who's Doing TV Church?
Craig Groeschel started a church plant in rented space in 1996, and in 13 years that group has grown to more than 25,000 attenders in 16 locations over 6 states and all are simultaneously linked by technology. They share a unified purpose and worship identity but also personalize their community care to locations in Arizona, Florida, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Texas. 

What they are doing is creative in the wider Christian community. There are a number of congregations that simulcast their worship services to several locations in a city or metro area. But LifeChurch.tv is using technology to knit people over a wide geography. 

Back in the 1990s the Adventist Church started doing more with uplinked live video programming through the Adventist Communication Network (ACN) and today some of the denomination’s largest congregations are sharing their services via the Internet and cable networks. Even 3ABN is involved in such activities. But few are congregation-based and operate just like LifeChurch.tv. 

Joey Pollom, pastor of the Manassas VA church asked me this week about who was trying something similar to LifeChurch.tv in Adventism. I said I’d ask you. So please look at LifeChurch.tv first and then send me a note about what you’ve seen that is similar in Adventism. We understand, it won’t compare in attendance and number of locations, but we are interested in knowing what has the potential of doing something similarly spectacular? Thanks.  
INNOVATIONewsletter - October 29, 2009