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Reconnecting Ministries from Bermuda to North Pacific Union
During January NAD Reconnecting Ministries training events took place in the Southern Union, the Bermuda Conference, and the North Pacific Union. In Bermuda, the conference has made reconnecting a priority. More than 10,000 people responding to the census survey said they were Adventists; however, only about 3,000 attend church. After the conference appointed Sheila Holder as Reconnecting Coordinator, a copy of the "Searching" Adventist Review was sent to inactive and former members. Then delegates from most of the churches attended the NAD Reconnecting Ministries training event.

In the North Pacific Union training event, the Walla Walla College Church began the weekend with a free concert. On Friday night, Allen Asbury performed music that ranged from traditional hymns to contemporary Christian songs to a standing room only crowd of all ages. A number of attendees invited friends who have been taking a break from church. Sabbath morning services were well attended with nearly 90 staying throughout the afternoon.

There are several more exciting training events coming up. Those of you in the MidAmerica Union can participate in the training event at the College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, on February 12. The Arlington, Texas, congregation hosts the Southwestern Union training event on February 26. On March 5, congregations in the Atlantic Union are invited to send teams to the AUC College Church. For other training events, click here for the schedule.

INNOVATIONewsletter, February 2, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry