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Southwestern Union Hosts Reconnecting Ministries Training
On February 26, the Arlington (TX) Church hosted NAD Reconnecting Ministries training for the Southwestern Union. The event drew people from a variety of churches, some more than fours hours away from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. During the morning, nearly 2,000 people gained new insights into the Prodigal Son story of Luke 15 and the worship messages based on Psalm 133, "It is good to live in unity...." The afternoon session featured workshops and Reconnecting Ministry reports. Congregational representatives shared inspirational stories of reconnecting and upcoming initiatives such as a Sandy Patty Concert at the Arlington Church. As part of his report, the pastor of the Crossroad Fellowship (also known as the "Cowboy Church") presented a woman who had reconnected with the church after years of inactivity and her husband who had been baptized as a result of her renewed connection with the Lord.

Join us in praying for upcoming training events. This coming Sabbath, congregations in the Atlantic Union will be sending delegates to the AUC College Church. On April 9, congregations in Canada are invited to participate in the Open Door Church in Abbottsford, British Columbia. Edwin Hernandez will be our special presenter on April 23 in the Lake Union where we will have a Hispanic Reconnecting Ministries component. For more details, click here.

INNOVATIONewsletter, March 3, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry