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Church Planting Project Progresses in Colorado
Bobbie Stock has a passion for reaching the unchurched. After participating in church planting training provided by Russell Burrill (North American Division Evangelism Institute), she organized a core group. Four months ago, they started a church planting project in Canyon City, Colorado, with support from the existing Adventist congregation in that area. This week she shared an update:

"Just wanted to share that the worship service we are doing for unchurched people is being blessed by our Lord. We live in a town of around 25,000 people and now have around 75-90 people coming to a worship service that meets in an elementary school once a month. Lots of youth, people that are on the outskirts of the church, and unchurched people are coming. Thanks for all the research that you do to help us to be more effective."

INNOVATIONewsletter, March 30, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry