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Metropolitan Ministry Meeting
This Sabbath, April 30, 14 Adventist congregations in the Pittsburgh area will gather at the Ethnan Adventist Temple for a day of inspiration and training. This may be one of the most unreached metro centers in the United States and it's delightful to see people addressing it seriously. Please pray for this initiative. In our humanity we could become discouraged with such a daunting ministry, but with God all things are possible. For more details, check this Web site: www.godlovespittsburgh.org

I'll be leading two of ten workshops presented during the afternoon. If you're in the area, join me to discuss how to start a ministry-driven Sabbath school. The Reinvent Your Sabbath School Kit includes dozens of practical ideas, lists of pitfalls to avoid, and available denominational resources. The video segments show how to conduct the five ministries detailed in the book and answers frequently asked questions. The book provides inspiration through testimonials. To preview Reinvent Your Sabbath School, click here.

INNOVATIONewsletter, April 27, 2005 Center for Creative Ministry