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Really Re-Connecting
We hadn’t talked since we graduated from high school 30 years ago. But there he was on Facebook asking to be a friend. We compared notes about the intervening years and then he started telling me about some trouble in his family and saying it was a wake-up call to be back in touch with friends who would pray for him. I committed to pray and have stayed in touch. 

At the moment when you least expect it (and don’t have time for it) someone’s life will intersect with yours and an opportunity to reconnect with an inactive Adventist presents itself. What do you do in that moment? What do you say? It’s worth reflecting on that. 

More and more congregations are paying attention to the back door that is swinging wide open and people are leaving through it in droves. If your church is interested in a Sabbath of training on this important topic, get a hold of our office and let’s see what we can set up. 

And don’t forget Welcome Home Sabbath, November 28. Start planning right now to do something special on that day and make it a point to invite your missing members for it.

INNOVATIONewsletter - August 13, 2009