"The church is using Guttenberg methods in a Google world."
--Leonard Sweet

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New Perspective Needed
We need economic recovery” can be read and heard everywhere these days. I was with Second Wind San Francisco www.secondwindsf.org ten days ago where their stewardship topic that Sabbath addressed this need in a unique way. If we’re in a credit crisis we don’t need to go back to our debt addiction, we need to recover to something new and healthier…financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

Kim Klein, an adjunct professor at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, was quoted in the discussion. “I don’t want to trivialize people’s suffering, but I do not hope at all that the economy recovers to what it was. In 2006, we had the largest gap between the rich and poor. Why do we want to return to that? America needs to reinvent itself anyway, and I’m hoping the nonprofit sector will raise those fundamental questions.” http://www.sanfranmag.com/story/good-we-trust 

You and I are part of the greater non-profit sector and so my question is this, “What are you and I doing to live with less or no consumer debt? What are you and I doing to help others become free from the enslavement of consumer debt? What is your and my congregation doing to provide educational and advocacy services for those staggering under the weight of their debt? 

We’re all connected financially. We’ve seen that being played out world-wide over the past year. We have to be part of a new solution or we’re going to “recover” to our old debt addiction. And look where that got us!

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