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Millennials on Mission
My Millennial friends are inspiring me. While jobs are scarce and money is tight, they don’t seem to be worrying about how to keep up with the Joneses. In fact they seem more willing to help the Joneses than to envy them.  

Millennials (age 15-32) are different than my Boomer cohort (age 44-63) or GenX (age 33-43) friends. Millennials seen to be very civic minded and willing to live simply to be able to volunteer more readily. 

So how are you tapping into this wave of service at your church? What meaningful initiatives are you planning in your conference or union territory? If it hasn’t crossed your mind before now, I would encourage you to start thoughtfully considering it and making your plans top priority. 

But let me caution you if I may. Your involving Millennials should be far more visionary than asking them to vacuum up the Cheerios in the pews at church or clearing out the basement storage closet of all those old Ingathering brochures. Make your initiative a response to a big challenge. Make your interaction highly relational. Make full use of technology as you invite and document the volunteer initiatives. Make sure you provide profound thanks all along the way. 

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