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Powerful God Encounters
She would point at any one of us during the song our group was singing and mouth the words, “You introduce the next song.” This was my music teacher in academy. I used to get so frustrated with her, telling her privately that I needed more time to prepare something profound. I won’t forget what she told me then, “Just say what comes from your heart. What is your friendship like with Jesus?” That mentoring influenced me profoundly.  

Now more than three decades later I find myself urging young adults today to express their relationship with God. And I marvel at what they say at events all around the country, while chatting online or in a new book just released by Pacific Press called God Encounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus. I know we are in good hands as the new generation leads us toward our preferred future; one with vitality, and creative thought, with respect and love and lots of Grace. 

Let me encourage you to buy multiple copies of the book. Distribute several to the young adults in your church and community that you know will enjoy it. And then personally give out a few to those older adults who take a dim view of anyone else but their own age group and challenge them to read the book with an open heart and eyes that look for how spiritual young adults are today. 

INNOVATIONewsletter - May 12, 2009