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Possible Solution
Obstetricians are noticing an increase in visits from pregnant women these days.* With the economy in a recession people are staying home more and infanticipations are increasing. If this becomes a trend, maybe it helps us counteract the graying of Adventism in North America. (See our demographics report: http://www.creativeministry.org/article.php?id=1106)  

Let me hasten to add that I’m not advocating bringing children into this world that cannot be adequately cared for and financially supported. But what is true is that the Millennial generation is more interested in organized religion than the Boomers and GenXers who preceded them. So if young adults in committed relationships start having more children and bring them to church, it will increase the biological growth of Adventism in North America. And if their friends and work colleagues from the community (going through similar life stages) are invited to congregations where the children’s ministries are stellar, that will also increase the younger population and lower our median age. At least it’s worth a try….right! 

* = http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-05-07-economy-sex_N.htm
INNOVATIONewsletter - May 12, 2009