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Chapel Oaks Reconnecting
They’ve made a list and checked it twice just to remind themselves of the 135 inactive members they know of who still live in the Kansas City area. I had the opportunity two weekends ago to make some presentations there and listen to their exciting initiatives.  

With Pastor Mike Fenton’s vision and encouragement the congregation is making contacts and renewing friendship. They are also advocating internally for those whose reputations have been misunderstood by some of the faithful. They came to realize as the weekend progressed that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’; that one type of contact with one disconnected member will likely be meaningless or repulsive to another. One of their best re-connecters is a man with disabilities but with a determination to get out there with his wheelchair and connect with people anyway.  

One of the most touching times of the whole weekend was the conversation one church member had with a guest at the fellowship lunch. The active member found out this man had not been in an Adventist church in well over a decade. He believed that he had grieved the Holy Spirit by not staying in church. The active member reassured him that if he was concerned about it, that the Spirit was still getting through to him and he was always welcome home. As they prayed together right there at the fellowship lunch table, I looked on and thought, “This is exactly what Reconnecting Ministries is all about.”