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Mission Lifeguard
“We are all tired of hearing about someone’s latest research on why youth are leaving the church,” says my friend James Black who has been an elected youth director since 1991 at one management office or another in the Adventist church. “But we are still doing the same research and drawing the same conclusions.”   

“While I do not trivialize relevant research,” he goes on to say, “I do question the lack of an intentional plan. In essence, let’s stop talking about it and get serious about remediating the problem.” I couldn’t agree with his assessment more.   

Well, James is convening a group of 35 of us next in Maryland to put some action plans together. I would covet your prayers for this significant initiative. Pray not only for the planners, but pray for our young friends. And in addition pray that your heart will be prepared to respond when you are asked to get involved. Thanks.