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Spiritual Community
In the past two weeks, a team of us in Walla Walla, Washington, have started a new Sabbath morning gathering to include people who have not found spiritual community anywhere else in our valley. Our invitation was clear; we wanted to attract people who: 
  • Value a spiritual community that looks a lot like the early Christian church of Act 2
  • Offer second chances to anyone, no matter what has happened in their lives
  • Want to make their faith real by compassionately servicing the needs of others
  • Desire genuine community that supports not only in good times but troubling times too
  • Are hungering to understand the heart of God, especially when God seems silent
 We’re excited about the enthusiastic response and strong attendance. Our anticipations are high for how God will lead as we move forward. Have you been longing for something like this in your community? If you have, then I’d suggest you get your hands on a book and video resource the Center offers called Reinvent Your Sabbath School. The inspirational stories in the book and the how-to video will help get you started. Reinvent Your Sabbath School

And if you need support along the journey, let’s compare notes. We’ll tell you what we’re learning and you share what you’re discovering and together we’ll include a lot of people who are going to church nowhere else at this time. 

INNOVATIONewsletter - March 20, 2009